San Salvador, El Salvador

San Salvador, El Salvador

San Salvador, El Salvador, 2 warehouses in the American Industrial Park Free Zone totaling 60,000 sqft


El Salvador is strategically placed in Central America, between the south and north continent.

The border limits of the Salvadorian territory are the following:

-the republic of Guatemala is to the west,

-the republic of Honduras is to the north and part of the east,

-to the east is Nicaragua,

-and the Pacific Ocean borders the southern coast of El Slavador.

El Slavador is approxiamately 21,040 squared kilometers with a coastal extension of 320 squared kilometers.

This privaleged location at the center of the isthmus provides El Salvador access to important markets in Latin America and the United States.

In addition, the capital city of San Salvador is equidistant (40 minute flight) to the capital cities of Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. This is a significant advantage considering that 70% of trade in the region concentrates in these four countries.

A representative of the El Salvador textile industry once pointed out: “The proximity of the market of the United States offers El Salvador a particular advantage over China, allows the production in regular cycles, and faster response to the demand than Asia”.

El Salvador está estratégicamente ubicado en América Central, entre el sur y el continente norte.