IDEA offers some unique consolidation opportunities.  There are many companies that offer to consolidate freight to and from Central America.  All of them build the containers in Ft. Lauderdale or Miami.  Most of them use agents in Central America to receive the containers and execute the regional deliveries.  IDEA intentionally consolidates farther north, in Charleston, SC to minimize expensive LTL freight to South Florida and reduce overall door to door cost.  Our consolidated containers ship by truck from Charleston to Jacksonville, FL then rail to South Florida on the FEC railroad.  We are also asset based on both ends.  IDEA employees, warehouses and equipment are in control during the whole process.

  • US to Central America.  Multiple containers loaded each week from our warehouse in Charleston, SC to our warehouse in San Pedro Sula Honduras.  From our Honduras warehouse, we deliver locally or forward freight to final destinations in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala on trucks we own and operate.
  • Central America to Dominican Republic.  Most freight consolidated in Central America with Dominican Republic as the final destination is moved by steamship lines that connect or trans-ship to DR through Miami.  IDEA uses a carrier with direct service from Honduras to DR, bypassing Miami and dramatically improving transit time.  We currently ship 2-3 consolidated containers minimum each week from our San Pedro Sula warehouse to our Santiago DR warehouse, then deliver locally on our trucks.
  • Intra-Central America.  Shippers wanting to move small quantities between countries use our consolidated trucks that run regularly between our Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala warehouses.
  • Retail Central America to US.  Many retailers have multiple sewing contractors in Central America.  Small sewing contractors have trouble producing enough volume to fill containers regularly.  IDEA trucks are in most free zones every week delivering raw materials to sewing plants.  We can easily backhaul finished goods from multiple sewing contractors to aggregate inventory and build more frequent containers for retailers.  We also have the ability to scan every case label and feed that data into ASN applications.